What do you think will be the next update?

  • PvP
  • Trading
  • Pokemon Centers
  • Gym Rework
  • Other

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Trading won’t come in as spoofers will just give everyone all there stuff and then people won’t buy passes or incubators as they will have everything so Niantic won’t make money so trading never coming to Pokémon go

It’s not likely but it can still happen

Between Pokemon Centres and PVP.

Pokemon centres for rural players to be able to get more items. I assume PC is a pokestop replacement, where no pokestops are will be Poke centre.

PVP an obvious needed addon. Maybe PVP could just be training mode. You register a party and trainers can battle your shadow, or it can be real time. I dont know how real time battling will work seeing as dodging and lag and attacking will need a rework for it to work properly.