What do you think will be out for Pokemon go in the 3rd quarter?

With the 2nd quarter major update in process (gyms), what does everyone think 3rd quarter is going to bring.

  1. PVP
  2. Trading
  3. 3 Generation
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Definitely not PvP - that would be awful with the current system. Both players would just dodge dodge dodge. Not to mention new ways to interact with fellow players is just being added. Trading maybe, but I expect that toward the end of the year. I’m going to bet gen 3 is coming.

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You are saying Gen 3 in the 4th quarter .

I think they will focus on revamping the social aspect of the game. I’ve met some ingress players while playing Pokemon Go and they shared with me that in Ingress they can drop any item they receive from portals. The dropped item can be picked up by any agent within 40 meters of where the item was dropped. The item stays visible on the agents map for on average 12 hours and then it despawns.

I would love to see Niantic implement something like this for Pokemon Go in the third quarter. For example, I have a good Kingdra and five Dragon Scales. I’d gladly drop a dragon scale for another trainer if that trainer say dropped 10 max potions for me to pick up. This would bring trading to the game, and reward trainers for getting out and going. Who wouldn’t love to stumble across poke balls, potions, berries, lures, etc. that a trainer dropped because their bag was too full while out catching Mon’s? I think the ability to drop items would be incredible for the social aspect of Pokemon Go and it is something they need to implement in Q3!

This sound good as these will help you clear you bag and help other with items you dont want

I’m not though? You asked what we expect in the 3rd quarter, I stated gen 3 is the most likely in my opinion.

I don’t understand how anyone could possibly think gen 3 in the 3rd quarter is even a remote possibility. There more to be done. PvP and trading were both worked out and outlined as goals for this year.

I’m not sure which they’ll be ready for first. Slashing Pokémon seems to be the newest fight in illegitimate accounts, following the shadow banning play. These are moves they want before trading. Haxed accounts with all this Uber crap would destroy this concept before it even got off the ground and Niantic wants to kill it as much as possible.

The new gym rework and raids. Seem to probably come with new battling concepts that would very likely form the core of PvP. Increased interpersonal connections in the game suggest this too.

Which one? They want both, by year’s end, but that’ll be tricky.

The release of Gen 2 happened 7 months after launch, so to expect gen 2 to roll out in the same period of time is not a completely unrealistic expectation. Keep in mind that a significant portion of the player pool only cares about catching so you have to cater to them as well as those interested in battling. The new system appears to tie those things together but new Pokémon keeps people active.

I do believe they will roll Gen 3 this fall, I think it is necessary but I don’t think that will be the only thing they release. I would guess the Sept or Oct timeframe for the 3rd Gen Pokémon to roll out. I expect the 3rd quarter will be all about the gyms and Legendary rollout.

Not sure when we will see breeding and PvP but it’s hanging out sometime on the horizon.

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I have so many evolution items that I’m not going to use, I would love to trade some of them. I already have 3 good Polytoads and 3 good Slowkings. I do not need 6 more King’s Rocks. I also have a very good Porygon2 that is just a Pokedex filler. I have no need for 5 more upgrades. I want to delete them from my bag but I’m hesitant to do so because of how rare they are.

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Generation 3 should be the next big update after we have gotten used to the new Gym system after a few months. It should go live after the next Halloween event.

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Gen 3 and PVP are my guess, kinda obvious from the latest datamine