What do you think the Valentine’s Day event will be?

Obviously last year we got the increased Chansey+ Porygon spawns, Double Stardust But what do you think it will be this time around. I think that it will be Latios/Latias, Double XP and will end just before the next community day event (Feb24th)

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There will be Pink Pokemon everywhere again taking up the spawns of other Pokemon.
I hope it passes quickly.

I wouldn’t say no increased Chansey spawns, always some good candy to have. But I’d be happy with double XP/stardust (although with stardust part of the next community day I doubt it)

I swear if they increase Exeggute spawns again

It’s not Eggecute spawns I’m worried about, it’s all the freaking Clafairy.
We had Claifairy out numbers eggs 10 to 1. It was ridiculous over kill and made just about everyone I know want the event over after 2 days. Sadly they extended it to the roll out of Gen III.

Double candy would be nice.

I think it’ll be another global event with a different spin on things. Probably have to unlock some achievements to get a new legendary pokémon or Mr. Mime spawning for a few days worldwide along with some 2x bonuses.

EDIT: OMG and mew. I hope we see mew somehow.


Valentine’s Day is a celebration of couples. That’s why I would have a thought of releasing new waves of gen 3 Pokemon, with a boosted spawns of Pokemon in pairs. (Volbeat & Illumise :wink:)

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i agree and mr.mime is pink so he is perfect

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Good idea probably will happen

i want chansey lol

Actually I was glad Clefairy was in that event, I live in a biome where they’re non existent

I hope that we see something similar to last year. The extra Exeggcute were actually really nice, and 6 hour lures are almost certain.

They release Plusle and Minun so it gets them together again as they should be. That’s what i want to happen.

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Double candy for all the pink pokemon. I could use more Chansy and Porygon candy since I didn’t get much last year.

Please, no more MrMime! I’d rather permanently trade that one away from this continent, to never see it return.

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Release of latias and latos

I’m really hoping for Double Candy so I can cull some Legendaries from the herd.

Yes, send Mr Mime to Australia for a while, we’ll have him & you can have Kangaskhan :laughing: