What Do you think the biggest issue is ATM?

  • Niantic and their lack of communication
  • Spoofers
  • Hackers
  • No fresh content
  • The EX system

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Ultimately niantic is responsible for all of these things, so I went with them.

For me spoofers are main culprits. If you don’t want to play the game as it is supposed to be then choose a different one couch potatoes!
Hackers! Well yes! Who wants your account hacked, if it happens to be your Google a/c then many other things too. So, lets keep it to games prospective.
The Ex system, I care a damn about it. Not doing raids, no fun. Can’t see anyone playing, if I can see them on Radar just like mons. I could ask them to join me for a raid.
No fresh content! For sure! Too little Too late! Why fix something which is working already? Well! it was broken in very first place.
Lack of communication! Not really, just received a couple of notifications offline, about my mons getting knocked out of gyms and a congratulation message saying I am now more than half way thru to level 40. I had my 7th day streak coupled with egg hatching 10K eggs and evolution spree(Thanx to xtra candies during the event) coupled with a couple of lucky eggs. I wish they congratulate me when I reach 10,000 KMs some 20 odd KMs short of it.

Sorry to interrupt but notification is not communication. @Elevatorisbest has missed an Ex raid because of his study. When he report his situation to Niantic, Niantic’s reply is “Sorry but I don’t care about it”.

Well! Different people play the game for different reasons. I do it as it got me into walking. A few months back I had an incident when I butt pressed and purchased lucky eggs, I made a request to reverse it and it was entertained within 10 hrs. Raids I am not into, may be they should start selling Ex Raid passes too.


Spoofers arent even nearly as much problem as how Niantic communicates with the community
Especially the terrible EX passes


Content is the main thing but bad communication makes it worse. They should hire a CM and introduce in-app surveys. Other games with less impact are better managed in my opinion.


thank you for sharing my story:grinning:.I want more people to read it and see how bad niantic can be

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