What do you think Niantic will do with rural players like me

I am a rural player. When Pokemon Go was released in my country I found no pokestops in my area. So when I ran out of pokeballs after reaching level 9, I had to make a new Pogo id then again i ran out of pokeballs after reaching level 8. I made third id and ran out pokeballs again at level 10 or 11.

But my 4th id was lucky because I got to see and visit one pokestop which I used again and again on the same day. I can not go to that pokestop again and i am again out of pokeballs after reaching level 18. And I don’t play it anymore but I like to know every news about Pokemon go and it’s events.

((( By the way I had got only one 10k egg from that pokestop and luckily it was my favourite pokemon SNORLAX with 96%ivs having attacks Zenn headbud and hyperbeam which is the first or second best move. This is the only good thing that have ever happened with me in Pokemon go.)))

This is my Pokemon go story as a rural player.
What do you think about it ?

I don’t live in an area as bad as yours, but I have only 3 pokestops and 2 gyms, all about 15 mins away. With a lot of work I have managed to get to level 33. Despite many claiming that they (Niantic) are helping, I feel they aren’t. The pokestop request system is only open to high level players, and very few rural players are. The game isn’t improving for people like me.

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Right they are just giving pokestops to them who are already in abundance of them. 60 pokestops in just 200 m range areas.

By the way you still have 3.
I don’t have a single one.:cry:

They need to figure something out to help rural players. I work in a fairly large metro area and have easy access to stops. I walk around a lake at lunch and can hit about 15 stops and can reach two stops from my office all day long. I wish I could give away some of my poke balls to the rural players


Yes it is a good idea that if we could transfer pokeballs to each other.

Sorry. In all seriousness that sucks. But I think, via ingress, you can request more stops to be made.

Funny vedio.
But ingress only accepts portal submissions of higher level player.

Yes I fear niantic will be careless and asking players to be level 38 or 40 to request new pokestops coming to Pokemon go. I already tweeted them few times saying for requesting pokestops and gyms it shouldn’t be looked upon the player level. As you know some players live in big city will will just getting more gyms and pokestops and it’s not how the game will be balanced.
Well there is Niantichelps on twitter reach out to them more so they can hear from a more diverse opinions. My theory is that the required condition for request more new pokestops shouldn’t be based on level cap but the Jogger Medal instead. Because you know it will show you walk enough to experience the sites and the time they spent for the game. The distance you walked will be a great idea for this kind of thing.

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No players can make requests. Only high level ingress players can at this time, and if those Ingress requests are granted they translate to Pokémon Go.

Ya you are absolutely right I think

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Look I think that soon niantic will release a new way to ask for pokes tops in your town! So you can ask to have more pokestops in your town! Niantic needs to realize that they need to add pokestops to all the towns so pogo can rise for once and for all!

I to have the sahee problems. No gyms and only 1 available pokestop about 1 & 1/2 hr from my home… So I have quit playing for now. If Niantic finally allows pokestop submission, only turn will start playing.

They did in ingress but see, for high leveled players.

I live in a mostly rural area but I have a lot of sparks with pokestops so I’m good.

Wow that’s brutal. I thought I had it bad that I had a gym but no one turning up to raids- but after hearing your story I’m grateful I even have a gym within 10 min drive. I really feel for you and hope niantic does something to help rural players. As a minimum They should definitely allow players to add stops. Not sure why they aren’t doing this

I believe that niantic don’t care bout’ rural players, since they pretty much can’t play. I believe that niantic should give us possibility to submit new pokestops and gyms for everyone at 30 maybe 28 level max. few times per month. Everyone, just spam on nianticsupport’s twitter and their emails that we need to have balanced way to submit new pokestops or gyms!


What I would love to see is an item called Pokecamp.


  • Creates a Tent and Camp at your location
  • Duration 30 minutes
  • Creates a temporary Pokestop with a Lure Module
  • Disappears if you move more than 30 meters away from it (to account for possible rural drift)
  • Cannot be deployed within 25km of any other pokestop or gym
  • Available through the Shop (cost TBD?)

This is going the become a rant from an exasperated rural player:
Actually I‘m now about to quit playing pogo. I feel like niantic only cares about the players in the cities.
I‘ve played Pokemon since I‘m seven years old and started with emerald. I enjoy playing the main games and spinoffs and played many games of the Pokémonfranchise. When I was around 14 I joined a big german pokemonforum and became a semi-competetive player in trading and battling. I even worked over a year in a group against cheating and I am still against cheating.
As in 2015 the first rumors about pogo came out I thought critically about it, but I thought: “hey nintendo never messed up a game“, so after the big super bowl commercial I forgot about it.
In the Summer of 2016 pogo came back and from friends, who played the few days earlier available apk, I heared about really nice game experiences. After the release in Germany I immediatly started playing. I won‘t complain about all the bugs and nasty server issues (actually I was a bit used to server issues after the release of Pokémon Bank…). I opened the game and saw one pokestop on the whole map. Nevertheless I started walking a 3km-Tour into my nearer village. I got two pokestops, wasted one incense and nearly caught a spearow (in the end it didn‘t load). No matter how bad my first experiences were I nearly drove daily 15 minutes to the nearest bigger town and played there (at least there were some stops and gyms and in the beginning also some lures active).
After playing like this for a year I was at level 22. Kind of bad. Others in bigger cities had this level after few days. So to boost my game play experience and also close the gap between other players I started spoofing. Yeah it isn‘t that much fun like actually going outside and play, but it‘s fun to catch something different from all these rattata and spearow (I nearly freaked out after evolving my very first slowking). But before somebody says anything about spoofers: I never harmed a player. I took only the gyms where no player was. I always soloraided and never kicked somebody out of the gym who was under the 8 hours 20 minutes for the coins. I only went to the nearest city which is a goddamn one-hour-drive (lately it has been nearly two hours).
Meanwhile I tried to improve my local gameplay experience through ingress. I tried to submit portals via email (I never got a reply) and played in the hope to hit someday level 11 (I‘m now halfway to level 4).
But now I feel fucked up about the whole thing. I tried to improve my surrounding and didn‘t get an actual chance which turned me into a cheater, because I wanted to play pogo that badly. I can‘t even do raids higher than level 2 because there aren‘t enough players and the only raidgroup I‘ve found after days of research is in this one city where I spoof. Now after the release of raikou I started to hate niantic and its whole pogo/ingressthing. I tried really hard, but couldn‘t change anything. I won‘t get a chance to get the legis, because there aren‘t either enough players or because I don‘t like to interact with complete strangers whom I‘ve found via a raidgroup. Pogo became too social, which isn‘t the game I started playing in the summer 2016. I enjoy playing with friends, but I don‘t want to raid and battle with people I don‘t know.
I quit and wait for the us/um release on 11th november and start playing some real pokemongame again. This shit doesn‘t deserve my nerves and time.


All, just an FYI, as an Ingress player of just about any level now you can submit a Portal. It’s still up to the high levels to review it, but Things have opened up a lot. Give it a shot.

The problem is, how would you fix them
Pokémon spawns should definetly be a thing, but you would run out of Pokeballs anyways