What do you think abut Pokemon Go spoilers?

What do you all think about Pokemon Go spoilers? I personally used to like looking at what people found in the APK but I have started to hate how Pokemon twitter accounts and websites are spoiling all of the quest rewards and shiny’s added to the game.

I have had to mute and block accounts on Twitter because they are spoiling the game for me.

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I think they’re fine

I probably would have preferred not to know the quests (except the Magikarp evolution), but in terms of new shinies being released I don’t mind that much.


It would bring me the hype for new stuff. That’s my opinion

I’m not a big fan of datamining in particular. I remember when the Pokémon Sun and Moon demo was released, data miners went in and leaked the entire Pokédex ruining a lot of the adventure for me. In Pokémon Go I would have preferred to be surprised by the shinies for example, but I can understand why they let it happen to build hype for future events.


WE didn’t need the data mine to see the shinies. All the shinies are already in existence, just in other Pokémon games.

But you dont know which are in the game and which can you catch, thats the poin

I didn’t mean what they look like, I meant if they can be released. I’m probably going to be one of a small number of people who will be disappointed if they release all of these shinies tomorrow, I don’t want to have expectations that are made by someone other than the Pokémon Company or Niantic.

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Honestly for me it get me excited to know what’s coming and makes me want to go straight out and find things where as when I haven’t known ive not cared as much. It the reason I didnt get a shiny pikachu on the first community day. Also I’ve never found that there everywhere, if you don’t want to know don’t read them and is if it bothers u that much muting an account isn’t that hard.

I kind of like having an idea of what I’m supposed to be looking for when I’m wandering around.

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I like to know what’s being added to the game as well but showing us what we’re going to get from the final research box and showing us exactly how to catch Mew is too much…

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For some it can be annoying but remember it’s not as easy for some players who don’t have the advantage of having gyms, raids and pokestops near by. For them it’s a heads up of what’s possible to come and they can prepaid for it.

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