What do you think about Skuntank in battle?

What do you think about Skuntank being used in Gym battles in Pokémon Go? I haven’t seen that many people talk about Skuntank in battle or a review on this site so I wanted to ask this question.

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Skuntank is an awful pokemon but if its your best, go ahead and use it.
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Why is Skuntank so poor in Pokémon Go? Skuntank’s my favorite Pokémon so that’s why I asked the question. I don’t know much about Pokémon Go since I stopped playing for a long while after launch and only came around back when Generation IV Pokémon were obtainable in game.


It never was that good.
The stats of it are kind of bad…

What do you mean the stats are bad? Which ones are bad? I said there wasn’t a review on it on this website so can you explain more thoroughly why it is not so good?


There is a review.

Go to db.pokemongohub.net and search skuntank.

@Tag365 pokemon generally need 200 + attack and good defense and stamina to be usable.

I didn’t notice that before. Well… I wonder if someone is willing to do a review in this style as shown on this page:

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Why do Pokémon need that much attack to be usable in your opinion? Explain please, I already said I don’t know much about Pokémon Go, so I think it would be more helpful if you tell me why 200+ attack is a good thing.

Well… you don’t need 200 plus attack… but if you want to do well in raids, and in gym battles, and later this year in pvp, you would want them.

Just hatch a 2k egg, get rhyhorn, and evolve and you will have a pokemon with 200 attack.

PVP? The game will have PVP?

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Later this year, most likely december.

Was it confirmed?



Any Skunktanks I’ve encountered in gyms have been killed pretty easily.