What do you think about my truck in Euro Truck Simulator 2?

Yea, another wayy off-topic topic, but it’s lavender town, so yea! So name of this game may sound lame, but trust me, that level of detail + magic of Steam workshop is GREAT. Enjoy my quick tour in my new Scania:

For anyone asking: That tank contains Potassium, i have V8 engine, i have a additional torsional drop axle (hope google translated it right), i play on maxed settings, i play on keyboard, so no wheel or something like that, and most of the things inside truck is from mods, so stop complaining on me that you cant get them, and is that you @Yoshi???


Well, at least he has a lot of Pokemon Details…

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Seems decent, congrats I guess?

I’m at least great in other things than Pokemon Go :joy:


Congrats, and I’m shure there are others which are better in other things than PokemonGo… for example, I’m shure to play better in Chess

I’m decent at Golf, it’s just that this is a PoGo Forum so obviously we talk a lot about the game here.

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Ok i noticed weird bug:
Why the heck there’s bright sunny day while it’s 2 A.M??? EDIT: fixed it.

What do you call decent at Golf?

Playing in a tournament and coming 3rd or 2nd. I’m not a professional, but I enjoy the game.

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This is not Pokémon GO related.

That’s why it’s in the Lavender Town section, it’s completely random


Even in the lavender town piecw of the forums Its still not neccasary, or contains anythong to learn from

Noo, Lavender Town is like a Futbol-Bar, normally you look a game and speak about clubs, but very shure that all night there are in between other themes to speak about.