What do you think about my city?

Well, it’s not related to Pokemon Go, but it’s lavender town, so why not?

This city isn’t actually all made by me. It’s actually downloaded existing save, but those ultra high towers you see are builded by mine, those rail lines are builded by me, those additional districts were builded by me. I evolved this city. It’s called Arkham City (idk why), it has ~90000 peeps living there, and highest building is around 2km tall! I hope that you will enjoy my photos of it.

Fine, in my city there’s actually something related to Pokemon:


Could be some version of SimCity?

It’s “Cities: Skylines”, much better simcity but on Steam

I’ve never seen your program, but SImCity I’ve played and I loved it

So, what is your question once again?

@Rangeela, which question you mean?
@Elevatorisbest has made a retoric question about this publication and has asked if you like this images, and I have asked with which program he has made this images…

I used F12 key that i use on steam to make screens, and i just turned free camera in this game to make those pics

Not you, I was asking him. I don’t see any connection with PoGo.

Look the last picture and you find the “Team Rocket Headquarter”

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Are you sure that it exists? I mean the team rocket or even any other known team in PoGo?!! IMO goodbye!

Lol i wonder if anybody noticed Penguins of Madagascar (or whatever they were called) on 7th pic,
and @Rangeela, i didn’t said it was PoGo related, it was “Pokemon” as overall universe related

Hihihi, oh my god, and I thought I was good seeing the Team Rocket… For your detail I would need amplifying glasses…

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Wow. Amazing city. 10/10 would live there. Bet theres a lot of Pokestops and Gyms! 1 thing I would add is a cinema and on it it says: Now Playing: Pokemon the Movie: I choose you. I don’t know if that is possible for the game but hey, as I always say, 1 can always dream… Plus, it would make it more Pokemon related to some nitpickers.

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Isnt lavender town a small towb with like 3 houses, a pokemart, a pokemon center and a radio tower/graveyard?

I’m sure it has Pokestops and gyms everywhere, and it has Steam Workshop support, so technically it’s possible!


Isn’t the world of Pokemon all a dream? Well, we have AR, but everything else… let’s dream…

@Elevatorisbest You did a very very very good job. :cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::metal::metal::metal::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:

Nice work bro. I’m imagining how will Pokemon Switch looks like. 🖒 @Elevatorisbest.

(Not so)fun fact abut this city: This city is unfortunately 95% bricked, since there’s many assets missing, so, the only thing i can do about this city is to watch it. Fine, i can build something, but not on large scale :cry:

I love this game - just waiting for a new laptop to play it on :stuck_out_tongue: