What do you think about legendary dogs in Pokemon Go?

For me, legendary dogs are em, if i would be in IGN-like rating site, i would give them in pokemon go 5/10. Here’s my good things about them -

  1. They’re good in battling at gyms

  2. They’re legendaries

  3. They overall design is for me good.
    Now bad things about them:

  4. Getting them is TOTAL NIGHTMARE, i mean, really? Some sort of story-like event where we could do some quest and get the chance to catch them would be better. Let me remind Pokemon Crystal. You had to do some things and then meet guaranteed chance to catch them, without any need of gathering 20 people, without those thrashy premier balls, it was possible to do that solo, but no, niantic needs to force us to gain them in weird ways that in some way makes no sense.

  5. They can’t be added to gyms. Ok, i agree that they would be super OP on gyms, but no, we can’t add em’ to gyms. We can use them only for fight, or another pokedex filler. Back in original (and modern) pokemon games legendaries weren’t mandatory, but were actually useful.

I have no problems with them being released as a Gym Raids and 8 Players is enough to take down a Suicune, you don’t need 20.
No silly quests for me. If I want quests I’ll play a different game where that’s the standard method of game play.

Suicune was not very good as a Raid battler. A group of us did a Moltress straight after Suicune and someone used it in the battle and it was fainted in the blink of an eye. There’s been heaps of chat saying it’s just a poor Vaporeon.

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