What do you love about Pokemon Go?

Over the last year playing Pokemon Go I’ve been reminded by Niantic every time Pokemon Go loads that I need to"remember to be alert at all times, and stay aware of my[sic] surroundings". Tonight I was doing just that while on my way to defend a rural gym in my old neighborhood. I’ve recently moved 10 minutes across town and now have a new home gym but I was in the area getting dinner and I need coins. So I headed towards my old home gym and while driving through the neighborhood I noticed a shadow moving around near some bushes on the side of the road. I slowed down to a stop in order to get a better look but had passed it. From my vantage point I still couldn’t make out what it was. I turned my car around and as I drove by my headlights illuminated the side of the road enough that I could make out what the shadow was. It was a real life Pokemon, AKA a dog. I didn’t know if the Labrador was friendly so I approached it cautiously. After about 5 minutes of me talking to the dog it finally stopped wandering around and came over to me with its tail wagging and allowed me to pet it and capture it by its collar. On the collar was an address and phone number of its owner. I called the owner, told her I’d found her dog, and asked what she would like me to do with him. She told me her children were currently out looking for the dog and they would come meet me. As I waited for her children to meet me I couldn’t help but think this is why I love Pokemon Go. The street the dog’s owners live on has a Gazebo and that Gazebo was my old home gym that I was already on my way to. Coincidence, I think not. In my life I’ve seen 5 dogs in the wild, caught 1!


That’s an amazing story! That made my day. For me, I love the team play aspect of the game. Even though this gym system could be better, it’s still really fun to work together with my teammates to hold down our town and even conquer new areas for our team! It’s also cool to meet new people and explore new areas that I never would have otherwise if it were not for Pokémon GO. This is the best game ever made, because the concept of the REAL WORLD being the game world is just an amazing idea, and I also LOVE Pokémon in general, even before Pokémon GO came out.


Pokemon is my favorite game of all time. The Pokemon go is gaining quiet popularity, is maybe because of its new advancement in the old version of the gaming experience which is attracting more and more gamers and gaming lovers to play it. But my favorite is Pokemon Sun and Moon. My brother had bought through a reference website, very well known for its gaming console and discounted price.