What do you do with all your shinies?

I’m just wondering. Cause after catching 12 shiny beldrum, all of them with bad IVs, I wonder if I should keep some for trading (íf so, how many?) or transfer them all. Of course, I already evolved one for Pokédex’s sake.
So, what do you generally do after CD? Or in general with your shinies not worthy enough to be kept?

You can evolve

So far ive kept them all. Space is starting to be an issue tough, so i might start throwing them away a bit more. Like keep 6 or only 3 of each.

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12 Shinies? 84 caught only 2 where shiny.
Got a metagross 98%, the best shiny is 90%. Walked over 20 miles in 3 hours and got 11 eggs hatched… getting the Alolan Vulpix (evolved before checking anything). The 10km eggs are not dropping on pokestops where i passed by, only got 3 2km and 7 5km.
And to finish the event, caught Celebi (double reward from catching beldum).

They rot in my dex because most are worthless.


I’ve traded some, and dumped some for room. I’ll probably start trading with friends to try did lucky Pokémon and cut down to 5 of each of the community day ones.


Ideally I keep up to 3 for myself (one in each evo stage) and the rest i trade or discard (last resort). Today I got the lowest amount of shinies (2) for an event since Pikachu CD.

I’m saving them all for possible trades.


I’ve started to dump some. How many depends on how many shinies I have.

I also put some in the meat grinder as my dad calls it cause he’s weird because I got way too many

Depends on the rarity and usefulness of the shiny for me. Also if it’s desirable enough for people to want it via trades for other rare shinies then I’ll hold onto all of them. The CD ones often end up being trade fodder just to empty the bag a little :sweat_smile:. Non CD stuff is usually too rare to dump or swap just for kicks.


My good ones if can evolve gets evolved. If it had multiple evolutions i get atleast one of each. The best get to be powered up.

The rest just sit there. My trophies :smiling_imp:

Send them to the Professor. They go off like popping Candy in Pokemon Smoothies he makes.

Also evolve stuff once in a while when I need to, like the celebi step: evolve an evolved grass type:Bayleef from chikorita cd

I keep all shinys that are not Community Day shinies I keep one to two from Community Days I don’t think they’re worth much

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They just take up a bunch of storage space because I don’t really use them.

They’re good for trading that’s about it

Yup. That’s only reason I keep them. My son wants Shiny Eevee from me but he doesn’t have enough dust even though we are Best Friends.

Get him out there walking to hatch some eggs

Been ragging on him to do so but just laziness!