What day will Gen 3 drop?

What day do you think Gen 3 will drop?

  • Thursday 7th
  • Friday 8th
  • Saturday 9th
  • Sunday 10th

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What do you think?

‘soon’ is the correct answer lol. I think its 3pm Pst Dec 7th

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Gen 2 dropped on a Thursday night. No reason for Gen 3 not to go tonight.

@everyone BREAKING: Generation 3 Pokemons coming end of this week!
Saturday the 9th Gen 3 Pokemon go the Mall of Scandinavia (Unibail-Rodamco
This feature allows you to create a team so you don’t have to look for the Pokémon in your list! tada
Star Piece: Use item like “Lucky Egg”, but Doubles Stardust! Comes in 1/8/25 Pack.
New battle changes!
Forward Pokesnipers

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Im it’s supposed to come out very soon, be aware of 1 P.M San francisco time-zone.

The mall thing doesn’t actually say it’s comig on the 9th but likely tomorrow

Just used 200 coins to open up 50 more spots in Pokemon storage.

Looks like those who voted Friday were correct :slight_smile:

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