What crosses the line for spoofing?

What do you think is the point where spoofing is no longer reasonable? Do you think in any circumstance spoofing is reasonable or unreasonable? Personally I think spoofing is fine, especially for rural players or players who are injured or disabled. It becomes unreasonable when the gym game starts to be damaged by it. It is not fair for players to teleport around the map and destroy enemy gyms. I however experience spoofers as a positive thing in the raids. They help speed up the process of defeating a possibly difficult raid boss.

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The point (like a certain Fsu) where you just say “I have college, so I spoof lol”. That’s not a substantial reason. If there is stuff in your area, you should play properly. If you cannot walk, or live in the middle of nowhere, or are ridiculously ill, then Spoofing is okay IMO.

I disagree with Spoofers that camp gyms and constantly battle them and knock others out, but getting ‘air support’ from Spoofers for Raids is fine, they’re not taking over the gym and Spoofers have helped me multiple times in raids.

In the end, no matter what I say it doesn’t change a thing. People will always have strong opinions on this topic, but this is my point of view. Finally, I just want to say that it’s only a game not a lifestyle.


Personally i think spoofing is never ok. If you cant play the game the way its ment to be played, you shouldnt play at all.

However, i live in a city that has enough active players to do all the raids, and we have a rich diversity in spawns, so there really is no need for it. I have never gotten any benefit from spoofers like raid “air support” and i really dont need it. I only see them when they take over gyms at a rate of 15 per hour.
I do know what its like to play in a rural area, and i get that people would do it there. For simply completing the pokedex its fine as long as you dont go to far (collecting regionals 2 continents away for instance). For gyms, i dont think you can ever make it fair. Even spoofer vs spoofer.


How is catching a regional bad?

I think the same as Trainer Tips


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Catching a regional that is not in your own region. If you spoof because there is almost nothing in your area, i can understand it, as long as you dont go to far. spoofing from your small English village, all the way to the US just to get Tauros is just cheating.

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I think the reason is irrelevant. I only care when you start to get vindictive or excessive. Eg. Spoofers taking 20 gyms at a time and then taking out gyms for fun and leaving them empty. Having multiple accts to fill up the whole gym. Excessively defending gyms.

Essentially as long as you don’t start screwing over other players more so than a regular player.


Yes, its cheating, but how does it cross the line
Not only it doesnt harm you in any way, but if they want to keep players from doing that, they will have to release them on events, like Farfetch’d or Kangaskhan

It was an example. I ment in more like, if you spoof a long distance then you cross the line.

There are no excuses to cheat.

As long as your spawns are absolute thrash, you’re nowhere in PoGo, or simply have something personal that causes trouble playing normal PoGo, farming legendaries or catching some mons’ from great places are absolutely fine to me. I’m even backing those that spoof just to actually play the game. Just don’t interact with legit’s (with exeption of raids) and i’m absolutely fine with you.

I’ve come across spoofers taking gyms right after I just would take one down (I only take down weak ones otherwise why bother). I was at a church in middle of the night and a spoofer was fighting along side me taking a gym down. I’m like “who’s in the gym with me?” So down the road was a full gym that I put a 6th into and it was fully powered up. The spoofer hit it a few minutes later trying to take it down, but when it got all 6 to low levels, I hit it with golden raspberries and laughed by butt off. Would have loved to see them whereever they were cussing at all the time they spent in vain. Anyway, that’s what I think of spoofers, but I can understand a player not in a city needing some assistance. Just don’'t be a Richard and take down a bunch of gyms from home like that. Add on to gyms your color instead. Not hard to do if youre spoofing!

I believe spoofers are crossing the line when they take gyms off legit players who’d not long put a pokemon in. End result, the legit players don’t get many coins (if any) or much battle experience for the effort they’ve invested into it. It also adds to fuel bills for players trying to get gold badges at specific gyms that are not within walking distance of their home or on the way to/from somewhere they frequent (outside of PoGo). In addition, players end up going through more revives and potions, which is quite problematic due to the recent reductions in the rate these items drop from gyms and pokestops.

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That’s perfect. Exactly what I agree with. I would say if the person has been on for 8 h 30 m then it is fair enough. P.s I spoof on a 4th account (I have too many lol)