What catches did you get on Community Day?

What catches did you get this Community Day and what catches did you get on previous Community Days?

Why do you ask this a day before the event starts? Do you think you receive a gift because of being the first to public something like this?

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Well as the event doesn’t kick off for another 19 hours, I haven’t caught much…


No, it was because the event is starting soon

I caught a bunch of Pikachus on the last one. I expect to catch a bunch of Dratinis tomorrow,


That makes sense


Good to see people alradt having caught shinies, while i can’t catch anything since i’m going home during the event. Sucks to be me

Dratinis, dratinis, more dratinis.

Evolving time :slight_smile:


120k stardust, ~130 Dratini and 4 Shiny.

One of my group got a 98% Shiny :open_mouth:

I’ve catched about 15, two of them Shinys.
And because all have been catched with Pinab I had enough candies to evolve. Here’s the result:


Shiny Dragonite looks like it’s going to puke.


Yessss, it’s everything, but not a dangerous dragon…

It is dangerous in the way that it can destroy A LOT of Pokémon,(except for Ice types)

The image, I’m talking about the image… this colour really is not a very good choose

Yeah, it’s not a good shiny. (In terms of looks)

The question is: Steel Wing with Comet Draco are a good move-combination?

If you want to battle, TM Steel Wing to Dragon Tail

Yeah, but I have no TM… so it was more a question of principles

It’s a decent moveset.

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