What are you favourite items to collect?

I know most are important, but my favourite is collecting Pókeballs.

Rare candy.


Trust me, you will start to hate them after a while

I like Pinaps, never I have enough of them


For me it’s a love-hate… when you need them, there are not enough, and when you have, then enter so much you have to throw them away… :thinking:

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I get rid of Nanab berries. At one point I had 80+ pinap berries, 60 Golden razz, 50+ razz berries 66 rare candies and over 100 poke balls

I try and keep a minimum of 200 pokeballs

Oh, I try the same, but sometimes you have a run of pokemons around you, and you catch and catch and catch, and at the end you are more dry than a hankerchief at the sun


Do you go for every pokemon, or just the ones you need or need candies for ( by trading ) ?

I catch all I see around me, after my walking round I take a look which ones are good for the collection, the others are transferred to the professor and so add candies to their type. And of course to get as much points every day I can. I’m now level 35 and I need 1500000 points to get level 36.

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1.5 million, oh sh*t that sounds hard

Potions and Revives.
I need them to take over gyms and attacking

How much xp do u need to level up?
I now need 1000000
I think im level 34 in ~3 month

Definitely revives.

I need 9,000 more XP to get to 16

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9,000 XD is not much really it gets really hard when you get to level 30 it’s 500,000 xp and the 39-40 is 5,000,000

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9000 XD
Lol XD

Don’t worry @simmy, some time ago we all have been in the same situation. Allways the next level will be the hardest to get…