What are all the ways I can earn more Eevee candies?

I wonder how many different ways I can earn more Eevee candies. I need 25 candies to evolve my Eevee into a Flareon. I transferred my second Eevee that I caught at an airport on my way home. I regretted the action upon realizing that it only earned my first Eevee 1 candy. I also hated trading in that Eevee because it was the second one I ever caught and it was so cute! I wonder if there are any other ways to earn more candy for that Pokemon in particular.

Place it as your buddy! Then walk 3km for a candy

Earning candies are the same for all Pokémon.

  • Catch them
  • Transfer them (always 1 candy)
  • Evolve them (always 1 candy)
  • Setting them as your buddy (distance per candy doffers per Pok√©mon [between 1km and 20km per candy])

Eevees are pretty common around here. You should be able to catch plenty more.

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Trading, using Rare Candy, Raiding (if I’m right, Vaporeon is in Raids right now), doing Field Researches (Evolve a Pokémon), feeding Eeveelutions in Gyms, etc…

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Use a pinap berry when u catch one. It doubles the catch candy from 3 to 6.


Espeon as well

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Yes, catching them is the quickest: 3 candies (or 6 if you used a pinap).
While evolving one gets one, it first takes 25.
And for each 5km that you walk with Eevee (or one of its evolutions) as your buddy, you get one candy.

Catch them using pinap (6), trade them to someone with Pokémon caught more than 100 KMs away (3) and have one as your buddy for 1 candy for every 3 KMs.

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