What a son Of misers

Ate all my money around 40$ From the day event Started
Didn’t even got single shiny from 7km eggs till now HATCHED Over 300 eggs every week
Just sitting and eating all money
ATLEAST they aren’t caring to give a shiny hatch :imp::triumph:
Death of this game will be soon if it’s continued thinking us Dumb (As i killed a game “Boom beach” before being like this to players

Now start sending your volunteers to oppose me in comments and turn all guys to your side :imp::imp::imp::imp:


I never ever hatched a shiny nor a 100%

What? You got mad because of RNG and you’ve “killed” Boom Beach before?

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Just be patient. I’m sure you’ll ever hatch a shiny.

But that is it with shinies. They are just so rare, that it is almost impossible to hatch one. But it still is possible.
Also, you still have a week or so left, and the 7km Eggs will probably give the same Pokémon after this event, which means you have even more time to hatch these Eggs.

Good luck @vineel.


Money doesn’t buy you everything.


Why not… Niantic made Shinnoh stone and Shiny babies rare only to get Money and now as they became greedy they still not giving shiny or Shinnoh stone to grab more money Son of BMisers
(Idiots wantedely reduced shiny rate for Certain Players who Pay lot to get shiny babies…So that they pay more )

A didn’t got Shiny on Hatching over 300 eggs In a week and you saying Shiny will Make appearance this week :triumph:
What a Irrelevant, Unthinkable reply dude

How does Sinnoh Stone increase the ammount of money they get?
Your inability to grasp what does “random” mean doesnt mean you should get baby Pokemon just because you gave them money


Where have you ever read that…?


I tried to be kind by saying you’ll ever hatch a shiny and I get this nonsense as an answer. Well, thanks…

If you don’t like walking eggs because they do not hatch shinies then why do you pay for Incubators??? Everthing you need is patience. And 300 Eggs a week? Pretty much doubt that…


What is the fun when you can obtain everything pretty easily? I agree that shinies should be rare. The current rate is good IMHO.


You behave like a spoiled kid. Don’t get what you want and then getting offensieve. Clean your diaper and stop crying.


I thought he was going to complain that his parents didn’t get him everything he wanted for Christmas.


You cant buy Sinnoh stones… walking for adventure sync is free, trainer battles are free aswell.


Sinnoh stones are more common now then ever before, if you do 3 battles per day you will average 3-4 day. There is no cost associated.

300 hatches is quite a feat. It’s 156 KMs in a week. Very fortunate to be able to walk that much.

As shiny Pokémon distribution is completely random it’s best to temper expectations those hatches. I’ve personally hatch a lot have averaged one shiny per thousand hatches.

I will also ask that you stop being so confrontational. Members of the forums are players like you, we don’t work for Niantic. Being angry with members will not get you shiny hatches.


The only thing that I get annoyed by is when I don’t get the hatches I would like–in this case Chingling and Mantyke to get the Pokedex entries–but you are coming across like a whiny brat. The game certainly isn’t perfect, but be grateful that every hatch you didn’t want gives you Stardust and Candy you can use later.

Take what you can get, use what you can get, and keep trying. They give you a one-use Incubator every day–which I’m grateful for since I can’t afford to buy too many incubators–and I have had some amazing hatches with what I have.

I haven’t hatched a Shiny from the 7 km eggs yet, and honestly, I don’t care. I’d rather hatch a Chingling and Mantyke before the event is over–and there’s still plenty of time–but even if that isn’t the case, those same Pokemon replaced their evolved forms in the normal egg pools as well, so it will still happen in time.

Patience is a virtue, and if you feel like you wasted your money, stop giving them money. The game plays the exact same with or without your money.