Weird Catches at your HOME

I just got this…


i have gotten a 100 % abra at my house

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I’ve caught many wierd things.
Houndoom, Dodrio are some others
I opened a mystery pokemon and it was a shiny magikarp and I opened it at my house
deos that count?

I got a shiny plusle at my house, a shiny bulbasaur, then right up the street there is like a Hariyama nest or something because they spawn there all the time.

The rarest was a 2700 Blissey.Guess what?Ran away.The next rare thing(not a catch) was a gym in the street.I just claimed it,sort of.Always when you battle there,the gym is broken.And then someone gets the gym.I thought like,you dare :rofl:

Snorlax in the living room of our country house. Low level and low IV, but yet!


I got 4 Blissey a Lapras a Snorlax a Dragonair and everything at my house lol

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