Weekly rewards nerfed?

Hi everyone,
Was it just me or did the weekly walking rewads get nerfed? I reached the > 20km stage like every week and instead of Great Balls, silver pinaps etc. on top of the 20 Pokéballs I got… Nothing… Only those 20 Pokéballs that you usually get for 5km…

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You gave the answer yourself: this is the 5km reward. You didn’t walk enough for the next tier (25km)


Call me stupid…:rofl::crazy_face:
Didn’t realize I walked less this week… Because I usually ALWAYS walk the Same…
Just ignore me…


I don’t think you deserve to be called stupid for failing to notice something like that, @kRe, especially when you have a weekly pattern that’s regular enough to lull you into autopilot.


Lol I didn’t even make it too 5k this week

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