Weather check! How's the weather in your place?

Croatia is having an interesting day, sunny and windy, really not sure what’s going to happen. Hopefully it’s not going to rain!

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Middle Eastern summers make it so difficult to walk outside… have to wait until night time to play!

By July, it should be up to 50 degrees!

Raining :frowning:

It was 90F yesterday. Summer is officially here :fire::fire::fire::fire:

reporting for LONDON - its always cloudy and rainy 80 percent of the day- but there are slight spells of sunshine but not for long

Hi ! Weather is really nice and hot in France

hope it’s the same where you all are :yum:

Central Florida is hot as hell…about to head out hunting in an hour or so once it starts cooling down at least a little

Depending on how hot it is, might just end up doing some parking lot hunting in my car

weather forecast has picked up - hopefully gonna walk abit more to push the benefits of rock event on buddy distances


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Connecticut, USA is rainy ~1/2 the time during the event… -.-

It was great few days ago, but today it’s awful. Cloudy, windy and cold.

Sunny today, dry and potentially some clouds through out but only partly, gonna spend the day playing pokemon as finale to the rock event

Reporting from UK not too bad but not great as you can expect from UK :joy::joy:

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This morning was imposible, no wind and a lot of humidity.
But now the breeze is vivid.

Cloudy and 61 F. Should get a thunderstorm tonight.

About 23 degrees Celsius here. Now it’s getting a little windy though.

Loving life!!