Weather and catch rate

The stronger the Pokémon (CP and level) the harder to catch, right? So, a weather boosted Pokémon is harder to catch than a normal one.
But how is it with Raid catch rates? You all know these nice little tables from Go Hub with the Legendary catch rates? I was wondering how much influence does the right weather have on Mewtwo for example. (As reminder: Catch rate for level 20 Mewtwo with Golden Razz, Curve, Excellent is 47%)

I dont understand these catchrate tables either, different IVs mean a differnet capture chance as well

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Really? Oo Didn’t know that yet.

Okay. I tested that. I caught a 730cp eevee with 91 IV in a pokeball(first try) and a eevee with cp 300 IV30 needs 4 great balls. But i think its just stupid luck.

Definetly luck, to test that you need to look into the code

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Is that also possible with ios?

Dont know, but you should be do it with PC only, right? Doesnt GoHub have tools for looking into it?

Ok. Thanks