We successfully activated an Ex Raid during the Event that I've organized at our local park!

Here are some pics: https://imgur.com/a/HVG5k

We’ve activated an Ex Raid in the park where I’ve personally organized the community event. The gym was activated inside the park, with a Snorlax raid. 3 private lobbies, 18/20 circa Mystic, 18/20 circa Valor and 9 Instinct plus a mixed colour one. Circa 51 single accounts, almost 20 Ex passes distributed. The gym wasn’t raided at all during the past week. I personally didn’t receive an Ex Pass, but I’m so happy that we activated it in our local community in Bologna Sud, Italy. I was working on this for the past month. During the event, a wild Snorlax spawned, almost everyone got a shiny Pikachu, the giveaway of the Pikachu Hat, and some chips and soft drinks for everyone. I’m so proud. And happy. :slight_smile:

For the editors: you can update the article in the community event on the website, the picture twitted by Daniele was shot by me, Claudio :slight_smile:


Just a tip for next time: Smaller groups will guarantee more passes being handed out. The best is groups of 4 or smaller, but for a Snorlax that obviously might not be that easy for everyone.