We need a basic fairy atack

The gen 3 is coming and the safest is that we dont will have fairy basic atack in the game.

Gardeboir is the future top fairy pokemon and probabli she will have psiquic basic atack. Dragonite is one of the tops pokemons in the game and since today salamance will be too.

Fairy pokemon can tank dragon atacks just take x0.5 damage and fairy atacks deal x1.4 damage to dragons. It can be other counter for dragon with the same result like lapras cloyster or steelix with dragontail, but this only can be posible if we have a fairy basic atack.

What do you think about this?

Dont tell “articuno”, its legendary, it dont spawn in the world, just in raids and the candy need 20 km or waste a rare candy.

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There technically already is one in the game, draining kiss, however it is usually pointless due to ice being 4x effective against dragonite (and salamence). However, I don’t think that Gardevoir will get draining kiss, so there will need to be a new fairy type move added.

Its wrong, in pokemon go dont exist damage x4. Ice versus dragon/fly is x2(+100%), dragon to ice x1, dragon to fairy x0.5(-50%) and fairy to dragon x1.4(+40%)

  1. Why wouldnt Gardeboir get Draining Kiss?
  2. The 4x multiplayer is a phrase that referes to both of Pokémon’s types being weak to an attack, thus making him 4x weak against it
    I wont start saying “Dragonite is 1.96x weak to Ice” just because of that

Gardevoir can’t learn draining kiss in the games, however I’m not sure if PoGo has ever given moves normally not given to a Pokémon

Yes, she definetly CAN learn Draining Kiss

guys, draining kiss is not quick atack, why you are talking about this move

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