Ways to settle down the dispute between Niantic and Elyland

If Pokémon Go copies the original ideas from Draconius Go?
It would snap back at them copying them originally.
And then they will have no right to sue them, it’d be hilarious IMO.


This will happen, eventually…

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Hahahaha, very good idea, it would give us more joy in the game. But maybe the programmers not even are capables to copy these features…

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I copy you, and you copy me huh. This is a reciprocal situation. Indeed, Niantic should reconcile the disputes.

The fact you get random npc attacking you is epic feeling! Although staring from lvl zero in anything is a hard pill, especially while still playing lvl12 ingress(figuring out new portals, writing missions,and reviewing opr plus reg play) and trying to pull off any raids with the horrid time frame availability thing since daylight saving time here in America. Wait… So pogo needs NPC attacking you, there’s my suggest.

Guess Niantic took my word since quests are coming now.