Water and Leaf Stone

First sign of Gen III was found in the code not so long ago, and with that, people started to get interested in Gen III Pokemon, to be familiar with them once they are released in GO. But, there are 2 Pokemon that evolve with Evolution Stones, these Pokemon are:

  • Lombre, which evolves into Ludicolo with Leaf Stone
  • Nuzleaf, which evolves into Shiftry with Water Stone
    These Stones weren’t released with the Generation they are from (Gen I, it’s used to evolve Pokemon like Gloom or Poliwhril), so the question is: will they be released with Gen III?
    I don’t have opinion on that, to be honest, so I wanted to know yours :stuck_out_tongue:

i think they’ll probably be released with gen III cuz y’know, same thing as when scizor and stuff came out
edit: just my opinion here. nobody knows what’s on niantic’s mind

Yeah, although all of them made their first appearance in Gen II. Water and Leaf Stones made their first appearance in Gen I, but they weren’t released with Gen I in GO, so just logically, why should they be released with Gen III? That would break the Evolution system, because some Pokemon that originally evolve with Leaf/Water Stone wouldn’t need it to evolve (like mentioned earlier, Poliwhirl and Gloom), and some would (like mentioned earlier, Lombre and Nuzleaf).

hmm okay. i havent watched a lot of pokemon so not very familiar with them in gen 1. would be somewhat rational to give us the evolution stones with available evoluions tho