Was your area affected by ban

Do you notice any differences in gyms or trainers in your area since fridays banwave?

I see NO valor in my area anymore. It’s all blue barely yellow neither.

  • Yes i see difference
  • Nope still the same pretty much

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The shadow banned players can still join gyms.

The only trainer I’m missing from our local gyms is a known spoofer, so I’m hoping he got hit a little bit harder than a shadow ban.

Yes but many wont even play.

Lol I noticed something: No Valor anymore🤣More gyms for me now

Edit: Now I see Instinct in every gym.

Thats whats im saying. I see none of my teammates no more. I can’t …lmao i need spoofer squad back.prepares for backlash

Teams seem to be more balanced, before instinct ruled the area and now valor and mystic are holding more gyms