Warning due to the event and lure time increase

guys and girls please be carefull with how many pokemons you catch, it now with this event and lure time of 6 hours very easy to pass 500 pokemon a day limit, i suggest you write down how many pokemons you have at the begining of the day and keep track, so you wont pass the 500 mark, it can trigger soft bann ,which means you wont able capture wild pokemon and they will run from you always. so becarefull and have fun :slight_smile: .

That softban usually only lasts until the end of the day in these cases so there’s no real reason to worry


that i didnt know .

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Is it true you get man if you get more the 500 a day


  1. How to get that much pokeballs?
  2. How to find that much spawns?
  1. I have 200 balls in total I have like 100 Pokémon spawn In my village and fields right around edge including Charmander nest and 5en if I go to my town it’s like 600 Pokémon at a time there especially on community day easy to overpass 500.

Just keep walking :stuck_out_tongue:
Spawns dissapear after 30 minutes, so its logical to say new ones appear after those 30 minutes. So all you need is a path that takes you a bit over 30 minutes to walk with enough stops on the route. Then you can go on all day long catching.

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It just happen to some one I know

I would never have 500 poke balls available even If I got some back through stops. If anyone can actually reach 500 catches, :clap::clap:.

It’s not that hard to hit 500 I got 325 machop one day

HOLY JEZUS! How!?!?!?!

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Man in my town that’s all there is as machops and geodudes right now you can’t throw a ball and not hit one it’s awesome and a lot of Magikarp to working on Gyarados number 3 since start of the event

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