Waiting on a good IV

Have you guys got any Pokemon (mainly from gen 3) that you have the candies for, but haven’t found a good IV to evolve? For me it’s Ralts, praying to find a good IV soon as I want to evolve

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For me it is ralts

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I haven’t found them that hard to hurt in the wild, but getting a good IV has been impossible. Currently have five 10km eggs waiting to hatch so hopefully can get a Ralts from one of them

I am hatching three soon to try to get a ralts. Same lol!

Fingers crossed! Let me know if you manage to hatch one

Ok, they are at six out of ten. Hopefully I can hatch a ralts today! Good luck to you too!:grin:

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seeing this post i just have to reply and I apologise in advance: i got a wild level 35 100% iv Ralts last friday, but not enough candy…

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. Cool ralts!

So jealous! I’d gladly walk that as my buddy to get the candies. How many more do you need?

only need like 6 more candy, they are pretty easy to get in my area so no rush
I also don’t have the stardust to power it up, got too many good mons that still need stardust :blush:

Yeah I’m struggling to decide which ones to power up. I’ve been trying to power up my good Psychics to take on solo Machamp raids. But want to power up some good gen 3 as well

Ralts for me too.

This just happened leaving work

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Ralts and slakoth…just can’t get a good one

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