[VOTE] the most AWESOME avatar style!

Post your favourite avatar style/costume! Give a like if you like other people’s costume! Let’s see who’s got the most likes. Doesn’t have to be the most expensive one, but have to show your style!

I’ll post mine. I really like this costume. Simple but nice :+1:


This is mine Pretty in Pink :yum:


I wish males could wear baseball caps too and sandals…

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I believe it will be available in the future. It’s not that hard to add more items :slight_smile:

Love the way my chick looks! I’m a guy, but the male “character creation” has virtually nothing that reflects me (clothing style, facial hair, etc.). So, I took a page out of my own playbook I conjured up way back in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08: Make a dope looking female version of myself and make her the best player in the game! Boom!

lvl34 - Instinct - Skrapz1

My style is in Team Mystic colours - naturally ;).


Self-proclaimed leader of Team Instinct on my college campus. :wink:

in the talk of the avatar styles - i do wanna say that the Business suit thing is a little bit average - i was hoping something more cool for 500 poke coins!

Black and yellow.


I find my style pretty unique. The Top Hat is pretty uncommon. Probably because it’s expensive, but I liked it so I had to buy it.