View moves when selecting Pokémon

I can’t get over the fact that Niantic looked over this. They should really add a feature where you can look at the movesets of a Pokémon before you select them for raids, gyms, etc. There have been plenty of times when I’ve tried selecting Pokémon and ended up getting movesets that fucked me over just ‘cause I forgot what types of moves they had. Please make this a thing.

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That’s why some players myself included re-name their Pokemon according to move sets.
The Battle Party function has been a great addition as you can create teams with type moves for exploiting weakness.


You can name them (GraPsy, DarRoc is the format I use, along with specific IVs) or you can put @thudner to find mons with thunder, for example


It would be a nice addition, for now re-name.

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