Version 0.179.0 should fix Android 5 & 6

This new version Introduces a lot, but this is just about it being a fix for Android 5 & 6. And how to install (on all devices, 32-bit & 64-bit except Xiaomi/Redmi/Poco MIUI users) There currently is no version for the Samsung version of Pokémon Go, but it will be uploaded soon I hope. But you can install the Google version on a Samsung.

Some might know what to do with the APK-bundle.
For those who don’t I made a small instruction.
I tested the mentioned apps and as far as I can see, they are safe.

To begin you need to know if your Android version is a 32-bit or a 64-bit. There is a very simple app for that.
Install it, start it and run. Just click check and you know.

Next, download the right APK-BUNDLE.

32-bit: armeabi-v7a
64-bit: arm64-v8a
Ignore the DPI mentioned. Once your store has the new version you can “reinstall” this version and all missing bits and pieces will be added. It doesn’t influence the working of the Pokémon Go app. You might see some drop in quality of detail, but it is minor.

Next you need the APK-BUNDLE installer from APKMIRROR. There is a link in the download page and below here.

Click this:

Find the file and click it, then click this:

It starts loading and when that’s finished click this:

After you wached the ad, install will start after you click Install on the pop-up.

After the installation you can start your Pokémon Go app and hopefully you can join the Community Day.

(I know it is not a Go-Hub article but I think it is the best place to put this under)

@VanHooIII here you go!

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