Venomoth Badge?

I recently heard that if you defeat an Exeggutor with all Venomoths, soloing it, and proving that you did it (recording), you can receive an exclusive badge from the Silph Road as proof of doing this. How would someone contact the Silph Road though, once this accomplishment is done and you have proof of doing so?

I seen something about this. You have to beat it with the same Venomoth, without it fainting.

How would you submit it though?

Its a badge you get on your Travelers Card on the silph roads website, wich is basicly just some profile stats. Its not a badge you will get ingame.

I know. I just don’t know how I would submit it.

You could probably have found that info yourself on their website but here you go:

You demonstrated mastery of the moth by taking down an Exeggutor Raid Boss alone with a single Venomoth without fainting. Submit your video evidence to [email protected] to claim this badge.”

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I have a few Venomoths that could probably take down an Exeggutor in a Gym Battle but never bothered to try.

I don’t do anything with Silph road, but I think it means a raid exeggcutor.

I don’t think I’d waste a raid pass on an Exeggcutor much less throw Venomoths at it.

Thank you so much!