Vacation Mode

Hi Guys!

Sorry if I cannot send as much as daily gifts to every friends in my list for these time as we have enrolled our daughter to a reading class and the way to the place is not PoGo friendly, only got 2 pokestop almost end to end, and will not have the liberty of time to detour as parents are required to observed on the process to be able to conduct assessment and assist children with their daily homework’s.

Will just be able to “peep” a bit, targeting the Eggstravaganza event if I could pull it up. This will be going on till the 2nd week of June so please bear with me.

And since I would be getting limited gifts along the way, I will prioritized first those who have newly invited me, I hope Ultra Friends will understand :pray:


It’s ok , have fun with your daughter and your family!




Have fun,

And it is no problem. Ill send you gifts then


Have fun and I’ll still send gifts


Sounds like what a good dad would do for his daughter. :+1: May that effort be fruitful (and perhaps even fulfilling, too).

I’ll keep sending gifts whenever the game lets me. [edit: I don’t think you even need to send gifts back] – just open the ones you get when you have a chance so we can send more.


I actually turned one of the gyms near me silver while on vacation. @HLAJR don’t you live in the Philippines? Isn’t that like being on vacation everyday?

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@bobbyjack8 If your definition of vacation is having sunshine most of the days, yes it is now vacation time here in the Philippines. One is classes already ended more than two weeks for now and secondly, the heat is turning on high these days, as it is now officially summer time here so families are trooping everyday in beaches and resorts just to refresh themselves. And if you came from countries with four seasons and having cold days, indeed a tropical Philippines is a must traveled destination.

To All, thanks for your support!

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