Use rare candy on Ralts?

Should i use my rare candy in my Ralts?
Im lvl 31 and I have a kirlia With max cp for lvl 33 I have 91 candy and 6 rare candy: so id I so iT then I need to catch 1 more Ralts !!

Up to you. I usually save my rares for legendary pokemon. Caught enough ralts so I can evolve my second and third gardevoir. Its cloudy 90 % of the time here.

I would say no. Im using them for Raikou, groudon, and Kyogre when he arrives. You can find more ralts, but its kinda hard to get candys for legendarys. Especially when they are gone already.

Short answer is NO.

Reasons why IMHO:
Rares are not easy to get in big numbers quickly unless your going to throw $$$ at the game on Raid Passes.
Your catching enough Ralts to subscribe to the rule of don’t use Rare on what can be caught easy enough.
It’s not as though the evolution is a desperately needed battler so there’s no hurry to evolve.

Not in fart!!!

I wouldn’t…ralts is rare, but not crazy rare. Use pinaps and you’ll eventually get the candy. It also hatches from eggs which is a good way to get candy.

Use rare candy for Pokémon no longer available in the game like legendaries

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If you like Gardivoir, go ahead and use rare candies for it! You can actually put in in a gym, (unlike legendaries) And it’s a great attacker/defender.

I already have my gardevoir now
Randomly 2 Ralts appeares

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