Use of rare candies

Please, help in my decision.
With time I have accumulated 197 rare candies and 64 rare XL candies.

Your opinion in which Pokémon makes sense to put these candies?

Many thanks forwarded

I would put it towards a hundo Legendary, especially if you have a hundo Groudon or a hundo Kyogre given that they will soon have Primal Reversion early next year (February). I’ve been dumping all my spares into my hundo Groudon.

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Do you have a hundo Melmetal? Particularly if you don’t have access to lots of Mystery Boxes?

Well, first thanks to both.
My best Groudon is a 91 and Kyogre a 89, so no good choices on this side.
And I have lost access to the Mystery Boxes, but before I got a 98 Melmetal…
Or I wait until better Legendaries appear, or I have to choose the Melmetal he’s
in lvl 40, so only the XL are of use.

In any case, thanks.

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All mine having been going into my 100% Darkrai as I can’t get XL’s from Trades due to it’s no Trading status and I’m not waiting on the fickle Raid rotations.

If you have Pokemon Home, you should regain access to them.

Bad english from my side… What I wanted to say is that I have no Switch, but I used the one of a friend, who has given it away.

There is a phone app version of Pokemon Home, but I don’t know if that requires the use of a Switch to set up.

Thanks, I will investigate that.

Seems I’m loosing something. Apart of needing a Niantic account to install properly the Pokemon HOME, the guidance say I can send Pokemon from GO to HOME, but not the reverse way. Which sense makes this?

I applaud your optimism. I’ve given up on having the game’s features make sense in any way other than that they somehow work to Niantic’s advantage, financially-speaking. Anything rational beyond that is probably accidental.

Any cross-platform features between GO and HOME are designed to incline people who have one platform to get the other. The goal is to get people to buy and play BOTH platforms.

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Weeell, that point of view put me in ‘offside’, as a soccerplayer would say.
Nothing more to investigate, nothing more to do, I hope Niantic finds enough money in
other pockets so I can go on playing without paying.

Don’t mention any :soccer: metaphors 🫢! :de: :serbia: :sob::sob:


That is the case, yes, similar to how that worked in Pokemon Let’s GO! I think it’s less Niantic and more Nintendo in this case.

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Imagine how I feel… a german living in Spain :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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Don’t Germans compare incomprehensible things to Spanish? Kind of like English treats Greek.

Did moving to Spain give you a confirmation of that metaphor? Or a contradiction?

@bagguille :soccer: :trophy:

If any Spanish (or English :flushed:) people start criticising the German football team just remind them of this…
:de: :star: :star: :star: :star:
:es: :star:


I have learned a lot of “sayings” here in Spain I have never heard in Germany.

And as well I know things the germans say about spains and the reverse.

And allways I do as if I don’t understand. :joy: :joy: :joy:

Because, if not, I would be hanging in a tree, in Spain or in Germany.