Update to gym badge experience points gained

Per a previous GoHub article published last week it cited that a trainer reported that a sure way to receive a gold gym badge was to accumulate 16 days time defending a gym. At this time my Blissy has been defending my home gym for 6 days and some hours since I placed it in the gym to defend. However, I have already defended the gym for more than 16 days but am yet to receive a gold badge. Yes, it has been reported that a pokemon’s time defending a gym isn’t added to the total time defending a gym until the pokemon is knocked out of a gym. This is not accurate any more. I placed my Blissy in my home gym 6 days ago and at that time I had a silver badge for the gym and had defended it for 12 hours and some time. My Blissy is still in the same gym 6 days after and was never knocked out. Nevertheless, I now have 16 days plus time defending my home gym and my defending Mon in that gym was never knocked out. Here is a screen shot:

Has anyone else noticed that Niantic is now updating total time defending a gym while a Mon is still defending the gym?