Unpopular Pokémon We Now Have That'll Be Hot In Gen 4

Heads Up

I hope you kept these dex entries because they will have relevancy thanks to gen4. It’s like it will almost be the generation that will bridge all of the gaps that many have been longing for and if we just so happen to see a fast fairy move as well then I am going to freak out. I truly am excited and hope we see it sooner than later. Here is a list of what will be useful based off of their evolutions and their stats. I hope I got everything.

•Yanma < Yanmega
•Magmar < Magmortar
•Electabuzz < Electivire
•Sneasel < Weavile
•Magnemite < Magnezone
•Swinub < Mamoswine
•Rhyhorn < Rhyperior
•Roselia < Roserade
•Murkrow < Honchkrow
•Togetic < Togekiss
•Misdreavus < Mismagius
•Tangela < Tangrowth
•Porygon < Porygon Z

Why The Importance

Some of you may be saying that you won’t have use for some of these pokémon like electivire since you have zapdos or even better raikou on your electric type squad. Totally get that. But for the people who don’t have them and also to the many trainers like myself who want a versatile team of pokémon no matter what, these gen4 evolutions will definitely be worth getting. I mean look at this. They have access to some of the best moves available, they have high attack stats and spawn in the wild which means they can cost less to power up. Some even have their own nests which is something you won’t find with legendaries.

I hope this post changes some of your minds because knowing this info really helped to bring things into a totally new perspective for me. Good luck and catch 'em all, y’all!

EDITED: Misdreavus and Tangela added. Mismagius for its survivability and nodworthy attack stat, tangrowth for its bulk.

EDITED: Porygon added for Porygon-Z for high DPS attack stat.


Cant wait for magmortar and rhyperior


We also have Misdreavus that will evolve into Mismagius.

I hope Rhyperior is useful as I had my eye on that one trying to collect the best possible Rhydon/Rhyhorns I can building the Candy in readiness since half way through Gen 2. Weather boosting has help greatly in catching good L30-35 Rhyhorns which we get plenty of.
I’ve also been doing the same for Swinub/Piloswine only these are much harder to come by in my area and I’m nowhere near as ready.

I know but she won’t be a huge attacker unfortunately. I think she’ll hit as hard as vaporean.

Rhyperior will be a beast. I have 2 rhyhorns ready to go but I’m waiting on gen4 because it’ll only cost 25 candies to get rhydon if I wait as opposed to 50 now. It learns rock throw/rock slide AND mud slap/drill run which are both better moves than stone edge and earthquake since their animations are faster.

Right there with you! Remember piloswine can be soloed. I have 2 now. A 98 piloswine and a perfect swinub I hatched recently. Between mamoswine, weavile and glaceon we’ll have even more great ice pokémon.

I’m lucky in that I don’t have to conserve the Candy for this. I’ve got 6000+ Rhyhorn Candy and that grows every day as they are very common in all my play areas.

I have enough candy to evolve all those except Swinub, Rhyhorn, and Togepi. But I am close on all three. Probably have enough for 20 Honchcrows.

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You are probably right about that. Comparing Mismagius to the other ones you mentioned, it will probably be the weakest.

LOL you’ll only need about 6.

We really need other alternatives to obtain rare candy.

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Someone helped convince me to consider mismagius. Although she doesn’t have shadow claw she will learn shadow ball. So having her onbthe squad might not be a bad deal. Her attack stat isn’t too shabby.

I couldn’t agree more, there are several reasons due to this.

At my location there are few stops and gyms, somewhat improved the last year.

I still don’t understand why the raiding-system is locked to a specific time-spawn, this reduces and has reduced mine and others opportunities to participate, none the less that lower level trainers aren’t so welcome.

Also people don’t show up anymore for raids that are five or below, because they already have collected the Pokemons. I can’t fight a raid myself. The raid system should scale to the trainer level and award more rare candy, even at lower raid leves.

If Niantic made up some way to even buy something that can give more rare candy, I’d be more than happy.

Horrible stats, there are better options to beat Psychic and Ghost Types
Like Tyranitar

Then my 100% iv roselia finale gets a chance to shine harder than it does now.

You don’t have gligar to gliscor which will be a nice pokemon with a unique typing and decent stats.

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It has a double weakness to Ice types

But it’s only other weakness is water, so it’s a pretty decent generalist, plus it resists fighting which is nice for any gym defender in the current meta

Water types like Vaporeon are easy to get

Its a horrible generalist, it would need decent stats at first
Really, the only good evolutions are Magnezone, Rhyperior, Mamoswine, Porygon-Z, Glaceon, and maybe Tangrowth