Unova stone

I received one from breakthrough reward.


Are there any upcoming pokemon that needs one of these to evolve ?


Yes, a few do need the Unova stone.

Possibly more as well.


Lampent needs one

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You’re going to need at least 7 from what we have found to get all the entries.

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Save your first for Lampent, its by far the best thing to come this wave

Has there been any suggestion that the Stone has been introduced to the PvP pool of rewards?

Landed a Unova Stone on my breakthrough as well. Saving it for a high IV Lampent. I’ve gotta have a great Chandelure! :slight_smile:

Breakthrough done this morning, and NO Unova Stone received… :rage:

Didn’t get one last week either. Apparently, it’s not guaranteed.

Got another.


Found one in my inventory yesterday.
Must have been from 7 day quest reward on Sunday

I got another Unova stone today!