Unfair Gym system

The gym system of Pokemon go is unfair.
The existence time of the Pokemon on average depends on the team.
Blue can easily earn coins, but yellow is very difficult.

Why is this inequality neglected? Why are they ignoring them?
They should improve this.

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what do you mean? Im Instinct and have no problems collecting coins


Same here, but I imagine players in different areas have different experiences. The teams are very unbalanced in favor of the blue team who probably has more members than red and yellow combined

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Clearly, wherever, blue is the most and yellow is cleary less.
That leads to the length of time at the gym.
In other words, yellow is clearly disadvantageous in almost every area.
And Niantic does not try to improve it.

I am clearly feeling inequality in Pokemon go.
If yellow, it is easy to be knocked down because the following person is difficult to enter
When blue, it becomes six people in a flash, and it becomes difficult to defeat it.

The game should be equal, but Pokemon go is unequal.

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Maybe the problem is you have a poor porcentage of yellow players in your area. Here we are quite equal, and sometimes I have the feeling that the players have agreed in leave every colour for 12 hours, so they can earn the 50 coins, and after there is a switch in all gym’s to change colours…

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All Gyms are easy to defeat no mater what colour or how many are in it.


Literally anyone, even a Level 6 could take down a Tyranitar. Just wait a few hours and it will be 35cp lol

You may want to search out your local Instinct Facebook & raid group pages to coordinate gym raids & takedowns.
You may not stay in for long but if you stick with it you may be able to increase the length of time you do stay.

I am Japan player.
In Japan, compared with the United States or other area, number of player is many, so it may be difficult to acquire coins.

Clearly, I feel the difference in the coin acquisition by the team.
It’s not fair, is it? I want for Niantic to improve quickly.

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This is a funny post when in my town there are more yellow players than red and blue combined


Red team controls the town I live in. Blue team controls the town I work in. Yellow team controls the town I pass through on my way to and from work. I guess it all depends on where you play the game.

Maybe search for gyms before / after work or school or see if groups around your home can help when you’re all around together.

The balance of the teams depends on where you live it‚Äôs just random chance. There is nothing niantic can do to make the system more ‚Äúfair‚ÄĚ.

Although Niantic has not been opened statistics,
Clearly at the world level, the number of players is biased.
Everywhere, yellow is obviously less.

In the United States, there are a lot of blue in almost every state, and it has been seen that the yellow is obviously few.

Japan team statistics are this.
It is written by Japanese, but if you look at the graph, you can see what it display.


To be fair about the team is completely false.

Let’s look at American Stat.

The yellow team has only half a share of the blue team.

Of course, there might be a place where yellow team rule
However, it is half in general.

Is it fair to say this?


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This data is viewed only from one point of view…
Imagine all your surrounding are full of blue Gyms and your are Blue as well. Very nice, you have no chance to put a mon in any of them, all full. And you can’t fight them, because all are of your color…
The same would happen if all are Red.
So, at least the less frecuent color has more chances than anybody else for fighting. Quite another thing is, how long you can stay, before they throw you out again. But there’s the point, there has to be a chance to talk with them. If they don’t let you play, they cannot play… we need each other. Isn’t this fair?


I live in a yellow dominated area and I started a red account to beat my own gyms

I hate that where I work is mostly blue. It is hard to find a gym to put my monster in. At least where I live is mostly red, so I get to go out and battle gyms.

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