Undercover Sentret?!

Hi guys! I was clearing my inventory and came across a 0% IV Ditto I caught a while ago, and while looking at the screen it occurred to me that Ditto cannot evolve…

Has anyone else noticed anything similar? I haven’t heard yet of any kind of similar bug. Is this only visual?


Have you tried evolvig it?

Never seen before, but really funny.
And a special one, I would care a lot.

I tried to evolve one…


Nice error :stuck_out_tongue:
Ive seen a few of those screenshots in our whatsapp groups. Its a new bug apparantly.
I have options for a Raticate x2 , Furret and Pidgeotto.
Interestingly only the ones i caught with a pokeball have this option. Not the ones i caught with great or ultra balls.

If I try to evolve it, this is what i get:


It’s a glitch with this new update, purely a visual one which is why nothing happens when you click ‘evolve’. Would be very entertaining if it could evolve into some hyper-boosted Ditto, but that doesn’t happen.

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Lol it a) even appears in evolve menu

And b) allows you to evolve it with not enough candies lol