Unable to log in ever since the Research update, help?

Was playing for about a week solid (after a 6 month+ break) literally up until the Research update came out, when the research update dropped and I installed it I haven’t been able to log into my main since.
However, I can log into all my side accounts.

I’ve tried:
Factory resetting my phone,
Reinstalling Pokemon GO,
Clearing my Google account from all devices,
Changing my password,
Clearing Cache, clearing Data,
Logging in on different (four total) phones,
and I’m sure I’m forgetting some other things I’ve tried.

Any ideas?

Would contact Niantic.

Messaged them the day the update dropped (Three, four days ago?) Haven’t heard back

Probably due to ban wave. They answered me within 7 hours. Usually their much faster. Saddly i cannot help. I would email again if i were you.

All I can suggest is keep messaging

Unless Niantic banned you. Hopefully they did not, or maybe you have a bad internet connection. If not, keep trying to contact Niantic.

How do you guys go about contacting them?
The only way I’ve figured out how to do it is through their Submit a Ticket system, in which they make you fill out “I acknowledge” that they will not respond to you.

Where did you send your message that they responded to?
The only place I’ve found is in their ticket system that you type “I acknowledge” in a field that says they will not respond to you

[email protected]

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