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I have a problem. On LG K10 2016 I can’t log into any accounts, there appears a message unable to authenticate. I tried to log in into another phone’s, and it worked. On Huawei y635 no problems, on Samsung Galaxy 6s edge (my sister’s phone, she also plays Pokemon go so I can’t borrow it) there appeared errors, but I could still play it. I tried to reboot my phone, delete the app and installing older version of Pokemon, but nothing works. Is it maybe that LG K10 isn’t compatible with Pokemon?l

I don’t have LG or Huawei and I don’t know anything aboit those, but maybe you have an too old device?

It’s in the market since february 2016, so I wouldn’t say it’s old.

Huawei was released in 2015, so I don’t think it doesn’t work because of its years.

“Unable to authenticate” means it can’t connect to the login servers, so maybe it had no cellular data?

Cellular data, do you mean internet connection? I have good WiFi and LTE connection. I switched the Sim card from the LG to Huawei, so I’m using the same connections.
Maybe it depends on devices? I saw someone say that it depends on devices.

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@Tiffanna happens to me to on my Samsung, but just close the app and try to go back in. It isn’t connecting to the servers as people have said. Glitch that keeps occuring.

I get that multiple times daily on the 2 PTC accts.
It’s very tiresome and makes me more angry towards PTC logins.
It’s pathetic that after 2 years they have not made this format of logging in and and staying logged in more stable.

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Closing and opening the app doesn’t change anything. Still the same error. I even restored the system of my phone and it still didn’t work. Logging into other accounts doesn’t work too.

I’t also pathetic that the PTC will fail and say the username or password was incorrect, only to have the retry (without ANY edits to either username or password) succeed (i.e. NEITHER of them was incorrect).

Uninformative error messages are annoying; but lying error messages are user-hostile. I was going to strenuously lobby for the PTC to remember the user’s username/password like other civilized software to save us from the frustrating and error-prone practice of keying them in on touchscreen keys that are TINY compared to adult sized fingers…

But in light of the “incorrect” login error, I’d rather lobby strenuously for PTC to shitcan the lying error message. Y’all ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

On this site You can look if Pokémon GO has an problem,or a server problem.

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