Tygogue evolution and trick

Hello guys,
Is there any way to evolve tyrogue and guarantee the pokemon you want as eevee’s trick that you can just name the pokemon and evolve?

Otherwise I must catch a Tyrogue with the correct status and evolve, what’s very painful …

With Tyrogue, it evolves based on what stat is best.

HP becomes Hitmontop
Attack becomes Hitmonlee
Defense becomes Hitmonchan

In the event that a tyrogue has 2 or more stats that are it’s best then it is random between those.


i.e appraise it to find out


This article might help.

Maybe they changed it

If I’m right it still works like this.

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it still uses this system. All OP can do is hatch many eggs and hope for the best. Or trade (but where’s the fun in that??)

It still works.