Trying to determine the exact iv of this snorlax


So im trying to determine the exact iv for my snorlax. I found 2 possible iv’s and i cant determine which one it is so im wondering or there is somebody who can help me.

The appraise (team mystical/blue):
-Overall, your Snorlax is a wonder! What a breathtaking pokemon!
-I see that its best attribute is its hp,
-its stats exceed my calculations, its incredible!

I did several power ups and this is the result:

CP HP stardust
1417 173 1900
1464 176 1900
1511 179 1900
1558 181 1900
1605 184 2200
1653 187 2200
1700 189 2200
1747 192 2200
1794 195 2500

So is there any way to determine the exact iv of this snorlax?

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13 13 15


14 11 15
with 91 or 89 IV.

Still it’s not clear which will be the correct.

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Appraisal can go both way, so the only way to see is to power it up - look at the lowest level where there is a CP difference and decide if its worth it

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aah thats smart!
I looked it up and on some levels there is a indeed a 1 cp difference.
So it turned out the snorlax is 14-11-15 (89%) which isnt bad for a gym defender.


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