Treecko CD

Since Treecko is going to be March’s CD…unless niantic goes off book, what are you guys’ thoughts? Frenzy plant is most likely going to be the exclusive move, but FP sceptile in the meta is up to you to discuss.


i have a GL sceptile with fury cutter leaf blade earthquake



I have 2 98s and a 96 lucky ready to evolve on the day, so im pretty much set…unless I get a hundo which would be sweet

I’m excited. I like the Pokémon and it’s evolutions, I personally like it’s design best of any grass type. Also it will be useful in the meta so I’ll be able to get some use some of the good ones I’ve stashed.


I’ll go for the Shinies but I don’t really need any Sceptiles.


I just hope they give you something else besides frenzy plant


FP is the best grass charge move in the game files


I understand that but it’ll be the third Community Day with that move

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Sceptile would only be better in both dps and tdo than venusaur if it got the same moveset as venusaur: VW/FP (vine whip frenzy plant)

Tangrowth is a tdo monster with VW/SB, so he is the non-exclusive go-to


Frenzy Plant can only be learned by the starters in the core games, so it makes sense for it to know Frenzy Plant, and unlike Blaziken, it doesn’t have an exclusive move of its own.


I understand all that but I just mean in the sense it’s getting old

If Tangrowth was able to learn frenzy plant, he would be king…with almost 50 more tdo than solar beam tangrowth


Too bad torterra cant learn vine whip or it would almost be as good as solar beam tangrowth


Isn’t GK Roserade always better than FP Sceptile?

I’m more curious to see if a different form of Sceptile with “branch in its mouth” will be released, similar to sunglasses Squritle


That would be cool

I doubt it will be frenzy plant, but I could be wrong…

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I think you might be right

I’m not sure why you are hating on giving strong moves to Pokémon. What difference does it make if it is completely unique or has been used before? If you don’t like the Pokémon or if the move doesn’t make the Pokémon more useful (ampharos) Is a separate matter, but the latter isn’t the case.


I’m not hateing on the move just would like some new moves in the the game is all

I would just like a rename of the move is all

I think youre right. Working of memory here but i have a friend whos really good with this stuff and i think he said the same. Will ask him again to be sure.
Either way, i do know FP Sceptile should be better than Venusaur.

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