Travelling with PGo: Need a little help

So I might be travelling to Paris for 5 days, and then to London for about 7 more. Being a big Assassin’s Creed fan along with the fact that I have never been abroad, I am incredibly excited. And now I get to do it with PGo. I do, however, have a few questions:

  • Firstly, to confirm, does Mr. Mime spawn in either in Paris or London, or is it some other part of Europe?

  • I am still not sure whether I will get a plan for data roaming, or purchase a special sim from here, or purchase a local sim. But does Pokemon Go use little enough data to find a reasonable/economic solution? I really hope to catch Mr. Mime if he does spawn there, so I’ll be playing for a reasonable amount of time (wont ignore any of the sights though :smiley:).

  • Lastly, any tips in where in Paris or London I am likely to find Mr. Mime assuming he is catch-able there?

Any help is appreciated, and I hope you can excuse the massive essay this has become

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I’m sure you will have a good time.
Pokemon go doesn’t roam much data at all. Buy any prepaid SIM card you would be fine. Go for 3, Vodafone or EE or T mobile etc find the cheapest you could get.
Mr mime spawn all over Europe so you would get it if you spend enough hours in both places. Last year they spawned like crazy but that was before gen II came.
Check the global nest atlas first I would of assume. When I was still playing in London, Canary Wharf seem spawns lots of Mr Mime, otherwise all the tourist sites would grant you that.
Here are the London classics : by the river Thames (from tower bridge to Waterloo bridge always have crazy spawns near the Savoy Hotel, Somerset House, Big Ben these all by the river on a linear line so walking back and forward is super easy. Once you there get to St James Park as well super close walk. I would assume you have a good scanner so can run to crazy spawns cuz good spawn won’t be in the same spot. Maybe try It’s good cuz you could also sightseeing while playing as well.
If you like the park here are my 2 favourites: Holland Park and Greenwich Park. But I think you should stay in the centre as going to the parks only when you have lots of days there otherwise stick to the centre it’s more productive unless looking for specific nest. Go check Matt Plays Pokemon on twitter for new nests? Here is the hr list he composed so credit to him!
Hope you enjoy your trip


the big cities definitly have mr Mime’s. Just walk around th city and they will come.

I don’t really know but I think it’s best to buy a local deal for data. For Paris and London seperate.

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Skyroam WIFI is great for multiple countries

I was using my international free data and it was too slow to play effectively.

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Thanks a lot guys :slight_smile: will definitely consider all of this


(Building off this post), does anyone know if Mr. Mine spawns at Amsterdam Schipol Airport?

My layover is only 2 hours long so I cannot leave the terminal, but hope to catch a Mr. Mime which waiting for my flight. Has anyone ever caught one there?

It can, you just have to be lucky to encounter it there in your 2 hours.

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I’m going to Jamaica this fall. Will I see both Corsila and Heracross there or just Corsila?

Finally got to Jamaica yesterday, so now I’ve added Corsola and Herracross to my Pokedex.