Trash AR image quality on a 2017 flagship?

Hi , so i switched from my Samsung S6 (2015) , that had an really not bad AR image quality , to the newer LG G6 (2017) and this phone has compared to the older S6 a really trash AR image quality ? Do all phones except Samsungs and Iphones have bad AR image quality?

No. I have Samsung S5 (2014), and on every phone Ar image quality is rubbish. Game itself just locks your ar photos on garbage resolution.

I know that the AR image quality on every phone is much worse than the actual phone camera quality, but here is an pic from the S6(2015) VS The G6(2017) . You can clearly see the difference in quality. I think the AR in game is better optimized for newer samsungs such as the S6 , S7 and later , and on the iphones .

Actually i know why that happens: S6 had more megapixels in camera, while G6 has less (i dont remember exactly how many), and since Pokemon Go locks your pics on some small res, you get worser pic if you have less megapixels.

The S6 has 16mp while the G6 has 12mp , but that doesn’t matter because megapixels don’t really matter , it’s a common error people make. A 13mp camera can take pictures that as good as the ones from a 16mp camera , in fact the G6 takes better pictures than the S6 . Even the Galaxy S8 with one of the best camera ever on a smartphone has only 12mp . So i don’t think that’s reason , but thank you for trying to help me !

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Maybe ask Niantic, Maybe they respond to you

i dont have ar on my phone XDDDD.It is Samsung Galaxy J3 2016

I have been playing on an iPhone SE I got from Best Buy for free in July of 2016. Upgraded my phone because my son wanted to play the game but my old phone wouldn’t support it. All the AR photos I’ve taken have looked great. I don’t use the AR feature much anymore since I’ve been playing for almost a year and a half now.

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Ok. I noticed weird thing. Just compare photo from Pokemon Go with actual possibilites of my Galaxy S5:
Pokemon Go photo:
My Phone itself photo:

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Digital photography involve a lot of software driven filters. When your mobile uses a lot of its memory for other apps, some filters may be dropped in favor of things like a constant framerate I guess? Just an idea, not really sure here. It may also be possible that the Pokemon AR function simply doesn’t apply all the necessary filters because their driver interface isn’t standard.