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Transfering Mythicals

Hello everybody. First of all I wish you all an amazing day.
My problem with this game is, as you can read in a title, not being able to transfer mythical pokemon. You need to understand that not everyone wants to have them, specially if it is so easy to catch them.
Yesterday I caught Hoopa and even tho i was so careful with not finishing the quest, i caught him on pt3 of special research. Please understand that this bothers me and ruins a bit of a game for me. I don’t want to have mythicals… Please. No Hoopa, no Mew, no Celebi… None. Please!
What kind of pokemon game forces me to keep pokemon? I don’t want to have mythical.nor legendaries in my team. I can transfer legendaries, please give me a chance to transfer myrhical… Please!

That’s because only one (in some cases 2) are available, so people can’t accidentally get rid of them

You don’t need to use them in battle if you dont want to

It is not about me using them in a battle. It is about me being level 30 and having only 4 pokemon, because I am.playing like that, I am having pokemon that I like only. This game doesn’t have a RP setup. If this game is an anime and I am main character, I would have every pokemon by the time I arrive to elite 4. Do you not think this type of games are only for kids?


Yeah, I understand you. I have more than one account, and one is for “catching them all”, and another one is only for “only the ones I need or like”.
Your right, why Niantic has to force me to play a special way? Why I have not a complete power over my account?
For example, I don’t like Team Rocket, I don’t like the Leagues. Why in some point of the game I’m forced to do this part if I want to advance in the game?

Well, one thing is I understand you, another is we have to live with what we have… :man_shrugging:


If you’ve got Pokemon Home and either Sword/Shield with Pokedex entries already for those mythical Pokemon, then you can transfer them from Go. That’s probably the only way to “remove” them, short of asking for help officially. Other than that, there’s always the option to start a new account.

You might want to start looking up research tasks before doing them from now on since another mythical is bound to pop up sooner or later.
I myself am not a big fan of mythicals after gen 3, but I just catch them and forget about it.


I gather from this discussion that we can’t even transfer a mythical back to the professor? I’ve never considered trying that, because I don’t mind having them.

While the game can force @Shanu_Kaizu to keep a fifth Pokémon, the game can’t force that mythical to count towards the total. (If he chose the 4-Pokémon limit, he can also choose not to count it.)


After having a chance to look closer, I note that mythicals CAN be transferred, even though they can’t be traded. My collection of Darkrai (a mythical) was over 100; but I was able to reduce that to the best dozen by ‘grinding up’ the rest (transferring them to the professor)…

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Yes, I think there’s nearly nothing you cannot delete using the professor.

I’ve never tried in a new account what happens if you try to delete them all… :shushing_face:
But on the other hand, it isn’t even interesting.

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