Training : The future

Training was one of Pokemon go’s early features that I was never able to fully appreciate. But when I started using it, they reworked all the gyms. Don’t get me wrong, I love the new gym system, but I want training back. Maybe, as well as being able to feed pokemon berries, you could also train them by battling a friendly gym, which would increase the Pokemon’s care level and cp whilst earning a better gym badge and getting a chance to battle more. Just a thought, any other ideas about what niantic plan to do in the future with this?


Do you think they should bring training back?

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I’ve voted Yes, but not going back to the old system, adding it to the present system.


I agree. Especially because It would give players something to do at a friendly gym that’s all filled up. The old boxing glove button could appear where the ‘Add Pokemon’ button normally is.
I also loved training because I like the battling aspect of the game, despite not being a strong trainer, and there was always either training or battling to do at a gym, and now you can…wait for it…feed berries?!
I think It’s time for a new rework – and to bring back training.


Have a listen to the latest 40 Club Podcast - Mike Schmidt (the guy who “interviewed” John Hanke) tells us what he actually spoke to Hanke about & training / Ace Trainer was part of the conversation.

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I hope that you can train, but it would marginally regain CP of pokemon in a gym and would count as a gym battle. It would be nice to finally be able to fight your own pokemon again though.

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